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Elaine Hong

We create digital solutions for Singapore that you can leverage on the digital platforms to increase sales and reach out to new markets. Contact us for a customized quote.

Do you have a website?Is your website e-commerce enabled?What is your ideal customer demographic?How much are you spending on Google Ads?How well do you rank on Search Engine?What Social Media platforms do you currently use?

Our Services

These are some services that you can engage to increase your digital presence and increase your customers' base.

Customised Websites

I'm passionate about understanding your business and creating awesome websites to appeal to your customers, at an affortable price.

WeChat Marketing

I help you reach out to the Chinese via WeChat by creating your unique official  Account and communicate your messages in chinese.

Search Engine Optimization

I perform checklists on your website and improve your Google ranking so that your potential clients can find you easily on-line.

Facebook Ads

To promote your Facebook Page on a regular basis to keep your followers engaged. To run Facebook Ads to get new leads for your business.

Google Ads

I write the Google Ads for you so that your message can be seen immediately when your potential client is searching for your services.

Landing Page

Create a Landing Page (within a day) for your Marketing campaign, with photos, animations, videos and links to your social media upon request.

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Our Projects

These are the projects I've completed with some clients :

Docuconnex Pte Ltd
Docuconnex Pte Ltd
AsiaConnex Pte Ltd
AsiaConnex Pte Ltd
Global Wellness Group Pte Ltd
Global Wellness Group Pte Ltd
ThenCafe - Cafe in Lavender

Let's create your next project!

Tell us about your requirements and goals.....

Our Clients

The following are some Clients who have partnered us for their Web Development Projects.

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logo AE
wowZJ logo
ThenCafe Logo

About Me

I believe in learning new things, taking notice of nature and bringing a diverse range of experience, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

  • Website Creation

  • WeChat Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Ads

  • FaceBook Ads

  • Selling

Elaine - 2019

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